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CAN-Interface in NI-Linux (SBRIO-9651)

Hi all,

i am trying to integrate a CANOpenslave library into NI-Linux.

As i got my SBRIO-9651 devkit i was surprised not to find any can-device within linux eventhough i activated the

"NI-Embedded CAN for RIO 15.0.0".

Moreover i could not find any socketcanlib or anyother socketinterface within the opkg repository at:

src/gz url-0

src/gz uri-all-0

src/gz uri-cortexa9-vfpv3-0

src/gz uri-xilinx_zynq-0

So how does the CAN-interface work?

Any hints on how to access can within linux are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

regards Arne

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This may shed a small amount of light:

This is a user-mode driver that provides a LabVIEW API to the CAN controller. It does not plug into the socketCAN interface that is common in Linux.

You can call the same C API that the LabVIEW API calls, but it will be subject to change, since it is not a public API.

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Hi DaQjr,

thank you for your answer.

So i will request the API from the NI support.

regards Arne

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CAN driver in userland ?!



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