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Welcome to NI-LABS "Sparse Matrices for Finite Element Modelling"

This thread is intended to foster discussion regarding the NI-LABS project "Sparse Matrices for Finite Element Modelling". Please pose any comments or questions about the project here, and I will be happy to respond.

This project employs sparse matrices as a basis for analyzing the static deflection and dynamic vibrational modes of a simple bridge truss using Finite Element Modelling. Within this project there are VIs for assembling the stiffness and mass matrices based on a list of the nodes and a list of the elements. There is code to incorporate external forces as well as to incorporate fixed degrees of freedom. A sparse conjugate gradient solver is used to solve the static deflection problem Kx = F. To find the dynamic modes of the structure, the generalized eigenproblem K x = lambda B x must be solved. Here the package converts matrices to dense and uses LabVIEW's built-in eigensolver (I haven't finished the sparse generalized eigensolver yet.) The project also includes code to animate the vibrational modes of the bridge using a 3D picture control.

Again, please let me know any questions or comments.

Greg Morrow
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How do I read the "readme.docx" file? It seems everybody without office 2007 (that's almost everybody!) needs to download the compatibility pack from microsoft ( or the office2007 file viewer.

I downloaded the pack but it sitll does not open (maybe I need to reboot first... grrrr).

I think it would be better to provide the readme in the old msword format.

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The package "Sparse Matrices for Finite Element Modelling" does not contain any ".docx" files. I know this because I don't have Office 2007 yet either! The documentation is in HTML form. Are you sure you downloaded the package you intended to?

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If I click on the sparse matrix download link, it points me to "FEM", It could well be that you're directed to a different location when coming from a NI internal IP address. Maybe we are both right! 🙂

Anyway, the things that are in there actuall run, but the documentation is in docx. I have updated my office installation with the latest updates, and it now can read and downconvert docx files.

Maybe you should find out who manages the server so corrective actions can be taken.



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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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You are absolutely right. Someone has very helpfully changed my nice HTML document to a "docx". I attempted to attach
a ZIP file with the original HTML doc with this reply. Let me know if you have problems getting it. Sorry for my earlier confusion.

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A note for users of LabVIEW 8.5:

In order to use these VI's in 8.5, simply follow the instructions for installing to LabVIEW 8.2,
but substitute 8.5 for 8.2. Save the VIs in the 8.5 version, when prompted. Alternatively, you
can mass compile the directories containing the VIs from the ZIP files. (Tools>>Advanced>>Mass compile...)


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Is this still available for download?  I was hoping to expiriment with it on some electrical problems.



Tim C.

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