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Welcome to EtherNet/IP Driver for Communication to Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs



My guess is your syntax of the PLC address is incorrect. The syntax is generally <PLC IP address>,<backplane port number>,<Logix slot number>. I looked up the CIP extended status code in RSLogix5000 and it maps to "Port not available" (note that these extended codes are device-specific, but most likely common across most Rockwell devices). If I change the address I am using from x.x.x.x,1,0 to x.x.x.x,8,0 I see the same 0x311 extended status code.


Can you describe your PLC configuration (type, slot layout) and what the address string you are using to address it is?



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Hi I have a similar issues to Alberto,...

Error -251723760 occurred at EthernetIP Tag Read;
Details: CIP Error - Extended status may be available
CIP Generic Status: 0x4


My Backplane is a 1756-A13

Slot zero:  1756-L64

Slot one: 1756-ENBT/A

Slot two Thru five: 1756-DNB

slot six: 1756-CNB/E

slot seven: 1756-DHRIO

remaining slots unpopulated as yet.


Also can you elaborate on the tag structure, maybe its just me but the description in the help file leaves it a little too unclear as to how to build it, referencing a controller tag, compared to a task (program) tag etc. perhaps an example of an actual tag that you are referencing.





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The error 0x04 you are getting seems to mean an IOI syntax error on your tag name. This is different from an error addressing the PLC because it is the tag name that is incorrect rather than the address.


In general, the tag name is exactally what you see in RSLogix5000. Any controller tags you create show up in the "Controller Tags" spreadsheet. My understanding is that the only difference between program tags and controller tags is scope. Only controller tags can be accessed externally from the PLC though.  If the datatype can be expanded then RSLogix shows you the sytax for accessing the sub-elements.


If I add a controller tag called "TestArray" that is a DINT[3] array type in RSLogix, I can access it the following ways:

-By "TestArray" - Gets/Set the array of 1-3 elements, depending on the count parameter

-By "TestArray[N]" (where N is an index) - Gets/Sets the array starting at offset N

-By "TestArray[N].0" - Gets/Sets an individual BOOL bit of the DINT at offset N


Hope this helps,


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Thanks Eric, Nail on the head stuff there.


It seems i can read and write at the controller level with no problems but i cant access program tags...





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I am having a problem writing information from my Vision Builder 3.6 application to my RSLogix5000.  I have loaded the E/IP add-on to the Vision builder to write to tags but when I try to write to the tag it gives me an "invalid tag name".  Even though loaded the tag names from an export file .l5k.  These tags are also controller tags not program tags.



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It would be helpful if you could attach screenshots showing your tags list in RSLogix as well as the EN/IP configuration screen in VBAI. It sounds like a configuration issue.



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Here are the images that you wanted to see.



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Can you add a screenshot showing the tags in RSLogix?



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It looks like you're using a different version of RSlogix than me (15.01), so I'm not sure what some of the checkboxes in the leftmost column are for. However, it does look like those tags should be accessible and their configuration appears  to match how you have them configured in Vision Builder AI.


One thing I noticed that is likely an issue is that the network address is probably not correct. It should be more than just an IP address as the addressing needs to point to the CPU module hosting the tag. If you click the help button while in the step you should get a description of how that field should be populated:

In the Network Path control, enter the path to the target. The syntax for a simple system is <PLC address>,<backplane port number>,<Logix slot number>. For example,,1,0 is the routing path for a ControlLogix 5561 with IP address and with the processor in slot 0 of an AB-1756 4-slot backplane.

In the next version of Vision Builder this step's inputs should be a little more clear.






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