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Welcome to EtherNet/IP Driver for Communication to Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs


This was just a question to make sure that this was not a problem. I was getting this error message (Error -251723767 occurred at EthernetIP Tag Read;
Details: Unable to connect to the network path specified
) so This prompted the question. I guess I still don't have the proper information in the IP address input. this is what I have so far (,1769,1769-L35E) I am not totally sure about the backplane port address. I believe there is something missing after the 1769 value. I didn't program the PLC so I currently have been trying to get this information from the vender who supplied the PLC.

WD Maas

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Can you describe your PLC configuration? Chassis type, what slot the CPU is in, etc? I think for most setups the addressing after the IP address would be ",1,0" for backplane 1, slot 0. 



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        I put the values you said into the IP address and I have communications.  Thank you.


WD Maas

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Does this mean you are reading your tags from the PLC?


Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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Hi all,


The download file for this project has been updated to a new version with some exciting new features. We have listened to your feedback and have added some items we think you'll like.


The new features supported are:


  • PCCC explicit messaging support using SLC500 typed read/writes. This will allow you to read and write integer and float register files on SLC500-series and MicroLogix controllers with an Ethernet connection.
  • I/O Data connection support. Create data assemblies on the LabVIEW system that can be connected to as remote I/O using PLCs such as the ControlLogix. This allows implicit repetitive data transfers at rates as fast as 1ms.



Again, please let me know if you any questions or comments about this update or this support in general.



Eric G

National Instruments 

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         I have been successfully reading the tags and also writing to the tag addresses.  Thanks again.


WD Maas

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That's great news, Wayne!
Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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I am new to this forum

I have a compactlogix processor

panelview 1250

I am using 3.6 AI with the add on for enet/ip

I have had the unsupported error

I also cannot import the l5k my tags export as csv

also do i need to add the camera as a module to my I/O tree?

If so what are the settings?

I am hopefully going to be attending the seminar in overland park KS

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You might want to move future posts regarding the VBAI EtherNet/IP Addon to the Machine Vision discussion group as that is where support for VBAI resides.


As for your error, it would be useful to know the exact error you are receiving. One common issue is that while you have installed the VBAI 3.6 EtherNet/IP addon to your host system, your SmartCamera (or other VBAI system) has not been updated with a new image with the new functionality. Within VBAI you need to go to the system and deploy the new image that was installed via the addon that is labeled to have EtherNet/IP support included.


Within RSLogix5000, the Tools->Export only exports to CSV format. However, the File->Save does let you save an L5K file. In general, importing the tags is a convenience, but if you know the names and types of your tags you could always add them manually.


Within VBAI 3.6 with the EtherNet/IP addon, only explicit messaging is currently supported. This means that you do not add the camera into the I/O tree.


Hope this helps,


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I did get the target updated with the addon file

I am trying to communicate with a compactlogix plc

Attached is a screenprint of the error, which seems to be a common one in this forum

My dropdown still shows only csv but i will explore that later, for now i am just trying to get a test tag to work

Thank you so much for the quick response.

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