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NeuroSky LabVIEW Demo Update

This is an update to NeuroSky LabVIEW Driver Demo:

I fixed a few issues with the demo. Please follow the original document for driver installation. You can use the latest labview_neurosky_driver- without installing the old driver.

System/Software Used:

- Windows 7 64-bit

- LabVIEW 2011 SP1

- NeuroSky MindSet device


There are several issue that I am trying to figure out:

- Sometimes the device handle gets lost and the VI would stop. In this case I need to shut down the MindSet, and establish the Bluetooth connection again. Only then I can run the VI again.

- Not sure if it is related to the MindSet audio stream that is received by the set while the VI is running. Need more testing to establish the root cause.

Member aaronlikens

Windows XP 32 bit

Labview 2011 SP1

Neurosky Mindset

When I run, I get the error message,

"serialPortName could not be opened as a serial communication port for any reason. 

Check that the name is a valid COM port on your system."

I am using COM40 which seems to work with other software and mindset.  Any help would be appreciated.

Member Vladiator

Make sure COM40 is not used by other devices. Disconnect the port using the Bluetooth Manager and connect it again, then try the VI.

Let me know if this helps.

Member aaronlikens

That did it.  Thanks.

Member sanira93

Can I run this Neurosky Lab view demo with mind wave headset ? (please refer the following link)

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Member Vladiator

I am not sure, but if you tried, could you let us know how it went?


Member gotshalk


I'm trying to use NeuroSky on labview on my laptop with mindweave equipment but everytime I recieve this : Error -10 occured at NeuroSky Driver.lvlib ThinkGear SingleSample Read could someone explain what I'm doing wrong?

Member Vladiator

Did you mean MindWave? If so, not sure it is going to work since the code was tested on MindSet (which they do not sell anymore).

Member Zhang_Xiao

Is there a Labview driver for neurosky BMD100 ECG chip?

Member Rose1213

Hello, please help, When I run, I get the error message , search read, read, read, read , read, read , read, read , Read , Values ​​ThinkGear Connect to , ThinkGear signal , ThikGear SingleSample Red , ThikGear SingleSample Red , ThikGear Blink , etc ... ie , all files .vi not found ....

Urgent help!