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NI IoT Education Beta

Join Elite Educators and Industry Partners in the IoT Beta Program

Engineering Education at the Edge

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We know for a fact that the individual systems that will be brought together by the Industrial IoT  will require future engineers across companies such as  Xilinx, PTC, Cisco, Intel, RTI, HP and NI to find ways to build sensing and processing to be cheaper and more powerful, for more localized intelligence at the edge. It is now your job to create an environment that will produce those future engineers.


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Build on Industrial Expertise 



Expand on Fundamental Concepts


National Instruments is committed to creating a pipeline of students ready to solve challenges related to a wide variety of applications from Cyber Physical Systems to Industry 4.0. We are working to provide educational solutions that resemble the groundbreaking work our industry customers are producing.


Learn more about our Industrial IoT lab hosting a wide range of industry applications Here

Take concepts like Power Electronics and Control to the next level with ambitious applications such as a smart grid that can maintain safe levels of power generation and distribution. Build from fundamental circuits to distributed power management and bring your courses to life!


Learn about how EPFL is working toward creating a Smart Grid that spans a city!


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