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LabVIEW Code Generation Engine

Scripting is a recently released, powerful feature of LabVIEW.  However, using raw scripting for many tasks can be daunting, due to the huge amount of code it requires.  The code generation engine (CodeGen engine) is a partial solution to this problem.  The CodeGen engine is a template based scripting application that can be used for the vast majority of large scripting tasks.  It is used internally by the DAQ Assistant, Motion Assistant, SignalExpress and many other applications to create LabVIEW code.

Attached are documentation, a simple test example and API files.  The engine itself is installed on most systems already.  If you do not have it, install DAQmx to get it.

As of 2012, the engine is available on Linux platforms, as well.

Known Issues:

  1. If the VI you are creating is not broken during code generation, under certain circumstances, LabVIEW may crash.  This only effects newer versions of LabVIEW and is relatively rare. FIXED for 2012 release.
  2. The 64-bit call from <vi.lib> does not work.  Call the engine directly from <National Instruments>\MAX\Assistants\LVCGen\LVxxxx\  FIXED for 2012 release.
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Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

the pdf link is broken. It points back to the current web page.

LabVIEW Champion. It all comes together in GCentral GCentral
What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??

Hi altenbach,

The links should be working now.  We had a minor issue with file paths that our team resolved this morning.

Active Participant
Active Participant

Any chance of a small example that gives some idea of how to start using this?

NI Employee

Done.  I added a simple example I have used for testing.  It is written in LabVIEW 2009.

It could really use a good LabVOOP front end, but I have never managed to get enough time together to do it.

This account is no longer active. Contact ShadesOfGray for current posts and information.