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Interface with Codesys Application using LabVIEW


I have a query with respect to interfacing codesys application using LabVIEW.

I would like to interface with codesys appplication (access to variables in Codesys/models) using LabVIEW. The idea is to test the Codesys application using LabVIEW.

I tried using ActiveX communication, but I am unable to communicate with the codesys application.

Any ideas on this would be really helpful.



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Hello Naresh:


What is your target runtime system of Labview?

What is your target runtime system of Codeys?


There are many possible ways to realize this communication:

1, with CODESYS PLC Handler  -> need the license from 3s

2. OPC          -> need OPC Server license

3.Standard field-bus: MODBUS TCP/Profinet....   -> may need additional hardware or software license.

4. TCP/IP:  you need encode and decode the data,this need to developed in low lever

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