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PCI6143 digtal output and start trigger running together

Hello every ,I use PCI6143 8 line output to contral the switch, it works well.But when  starting the program with the trigger PFI0  ,there is no high voltage out .and program error“200452” .Trigger source 5V connect to the PFI0.See the picture below for details


大家好,我使用PCI6143 8根线输出来控制开关,效果很好。但是当使用触发PFI0启动程序时,没有高压输出。并且程序错误。触发源5V连接到PFI0。如图 下面的详细信息


如果可以同时使用的话  触发需要配置通道吗 还是直接选PFI0就可以?

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Looks like you are trying to use an argument not supported on this device.

Are you trying to implement re-triggered generation?
May you please share your vi instead? 

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