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Updated the Firmware on your ELVIS III and now it is dead

We had a mix of firmwares in our lab that was giving slightly different experiences for users, so i decided to update one of them.  We had firmwares 6.0.0 and 7.0.0 on our ELVIS III's.  The latest available was 8.8.0.  I updated one board, which in turn blanked the internal flash.  No problem, I thought, I'll just re-install the ELVIS OS and software onto the device.  Nope.  I simply cannot find a workflow that allow me to turn my ELVIS III back into a Measurements Live device.  All software that MIGHT help me do this seems to be locked behind a wall of needing a current support contract.  I find it odd that you can download the 'latest' software but need a support contract to download old software.  It is usually the other way around; the support contract gets you the latest, not access to the older stuff.


So, I have one $3500 doorstop on my desk that I have been able to recover at all and 10 more ELVIS III's that won't be getting a firmware update any time soon.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my ELVIS III back to life?

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Any luck on this? I'm having a similar issue with not being able to use Measurements Live after update to 8.8.0f. And we have current support... I'll let you know if they're helpful.

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Hello ProfKenobi,

Just seen your post and looked at my efforts

Under this thread


I added

"However the Default install does not include the Elvis III toolkit support, so Measurement Live won't work. If you go into options for other items to install you'll find “Labview Elvis III Toolkit”. Installing this then allows Measurement Live to work. I've check Labview 2022-SP1 (32 bit) to drive a Quanser board and that seems to work fine."


Have you installed the “Labview Elvis III Toolkit”?


Best wishes,



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