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NI ELVIS Instrument Launcher update error

Hello friends, I began to have a trouble with the software NI ELVIS Instrument Launcher. The programm stop working after 5 o less minutes after i open it, before the programm fails i can open some apps, oscilloscope, digital multimeter, etc. but this apps doesn't recognize my myDAQ. By the way, in NI MAX this is identified the diviced puggled into the computer, windows 10.


This trouble began yesterday 11/10/2017, I checked if there were any uptdate for NI ELVIS, and there's one, but the trouble doesn't fix with the update. 


I don't use this diviced everyday, however i need help with this to finish important activities at my school, please help me.

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The solution were siemplier than I expected, technical support give the instruction of resetting configuration data in NI MAX. It seems that LabVIEW runtime wasn't updated. So I went to NI MAX>Tools>Reset Configuration Data, i clicked next each tap and restarted my computer. After this I just plugged my NI myDAQ to the computer, opened NI ELVISmx Instrument Launcher and opened any app and the programm began to recognize the device.


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I'm glad that the problem was solved

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