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NI ELIVS and NI CIRCUIT DESIGN SUITE with Linux and a virtual computer?

Hello Community,

I am a Linux user and I got today the products described above. Sadly I have read, that no Linux drivers are availible.

So I am asking you, do you know if it is possible to run NI ELIVS and NI CIRCUIT DESIGN SUITE into a Windows virtual instance on a Linux host?


For example with VMWare Player? For reasons I can not install a dual boot system.



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Hi Sealomat,


First comment I have doesn't answer your question but might help with your end goal: Circuit Design Suite now has a free online component that works on Linux (and anything else you can get to connect to the internet) for analog circuit simulation. No it can't do any data acquisition with your NI ELVIS but if you just need analog simulation then it will do the job:


As you are probably aware, the NI ELVIS is not supported nor garuneeted to work on virtual machines running linux. However, I have seen someone using Oracle's VirtualBox to successfully communicate to the NI ELVIS so it might work. My best recommendation: try it out. It won't do any harm to the NI ELVIS and I'm interested in hearing the results.



Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager
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