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Error -200946 occurred at ELVISmx_DAQmx Write (Analog Wfm 1Chan NSamp).vi:3

I am simply trying to put a function generator on my circuit and measure the response using the oscilloscope, however after say 1 or 2 seconds, I get an error that says "Error -200946 occurred at ELVISmx_DAQmx Write (Analog Wfm 1Chan NSamp).vi:3" This is all that it says:


Possible reason(s):

Task could not be started, because the driver could not write enough data to the device. This was due to system and/or bus-bandwidth limitations.

Reduce the number of programs your computer is executing concurrently. If possible, perform operations with heavy bus usage sequentially instead of in parallel. If you can't eliminate the problem, contact National Instruments support at

Task Name: _unnamedTask<1>


Sometimes there is no reading on the oscilloscope. I have no idea how to fix this

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Hi Rali,


What is the nature of the signal that you are generating?  Try decreasing the speed or the sampling rate and see if that helps.

-Jim B
Applications Engineer, National Instruments
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I am having the same issue myself. Can you tell me how to decrease my sampling? I am new to this software. I am using a parallels VM on my mac by the way.



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Hi DylanM27,


Here's a guide that goes over the basics of timing when working with DAQmx. As a new user, you may also find the resources on this page helpful.


As a side note, I'd like to point out that the thread that you posted to is over 2 years old. You're more likely to get better visibility by starting a new thread, rather than posting on old ones. If you continue to run into issues after going through the documentation above, please feel free to create a new thread on the forums for more assistance.

Kathryn K.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I have a doubt regarding DAQ and NI elvismx instrument launcher. The oscilloscope and  Arbitrary generator from NI elvis instrument launcher will support a maximum sampling rate of 200kS/s. But in DAQ specification it is given that Analog input/output port supports a frequency range of 400kHz. How is this possible? Sampling rate should be greater than signal frequency right. but here it is not so. could you please clarify this doubt ?

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