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ElvisMX and Legacy E series DAQ

I own a legacy PCI-6034E currently installed in my PC. Recently I have installed LabView 2014 and ElvisMx software. My question is, can ElvisMx work with 6034E or the other way around. In Elvis hardware manual 373363D-01 from 2006 in apendix E it states that ElvisMX supports E/B series board but the 6034E is not listed there. Has anything change since then and can the PCI-6034E be used with ElvisMX at all. My DAQmx version is 15.3.0f0 and the board is listed there and successfully passes self tests. How can I make the PCI-6034E to apear in Elvismx instruments as supported device.

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Hi KrisTech,


Looking through the appendix in the manual that you mentioned, it looks like compatibility has only been tested for the boards listed, so because yours isn't on the list, it may not be compatible with the NI ELVIS. Keep in mind that this manual is only for the original ELVIS, though, rather than the ELVIS II or II+. Which kind of ELVIS are you using?


While I was looking into your question, I found this article- it seems like the original NI ELVIS board isn't compatible with the ELVISmx software. This may be part of the problem, if you are running the original ELVIS. Also, if you are using the II or II+, make sure you're following the steps in this guide to set the system up.


On a different note, is there a reason why you need to use the PCI card with the ELVIS? It sounds like you have DAQmx and LabVIEW installed, so you should be able to use the card directly in your computer. 




Kathryn K.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for reply Kathryn;


I do not own any Elvis hardware only sofware. The Elvismx software came with LabView 2014 package for educational purposes. The PCI-6034E I have owned for a long time so to do basic testing of the LabView and Elvismx, I wanted to use the 6034E. My Elvismx is version 15.0.

I suppose that the DAQmax does not fully report or does not report at all to Elvismx Instrument Launcher software what hardware the DAQmx has registered. Is there a way to let the Elvismx software know what hardware does DAQmx has?


Best regards


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If you do not have ELVIS hardware, why do you need ELVIS software? Echoing what Kathryn said, you don't need ELVIS hardware to use your PCI-6034 in LabVIEW. You can use DAQmx functions and access the PCI card directly. You only need the ELVIS software if you have ELVIS hardware. Furthermore, it sounds like the ELVIS software is not compatible with the PCI card you need to use, so I am in agreement with Kathryn that your best bet is to skip the ELVIS software entirely and work with DAQmx and LabVIEW, unless there is some aspect of your application that necessitates ELVIS software which we do not understand.

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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