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Elvis III Not Connecting in Measurements Live

When I try to connect the Elvis III in Measurements Live, it fails to connect and I am unable to use the SFP's.


I have a new Elvis III that is visible in MAX under "Devices and Interfaces".  It is not visible under "Remote Systems".  When powered on, my PC alerts me of the USB connection.  The the USB connection shows up in my device manager.  The Elvis is only identified as "USB Composite Device", "Portable Devices", and "Generic USB-EEM Network Adaptor".  The network adaptor device has the warning triangle on it.


The Elvis reflects a USB IP address but also states "ID: Not available."     


All set-up steps were followed IAW the provided documents and the NI YouTube channel.  The Elvis Software Bundle was installed prior to connecting the Elvis to the laptop.  I have un/re installed several times.  The Elvis is registered under my NI account.


I am using Google Chrome to launch Measurements Live.


Any help is greatly appreciated.    

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The Elvis III is also identified as as Elvis III under "Portable Devices" in my Windows 10 Device Manager.

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We're having the same issue, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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add the Elvis url to your java security settings, fixed it for us

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could you please explain how?

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Yes, I have now the same problem. I can see Elvis in NI MAX under devices and also under Remote Systems (it si connected and running) but in MeasurementLive it is not possible to connect via USB. And for Wi-Fi I cannot set up the ID. Can you mentioned your solution, please?

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