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Cannot connect Elvis after Chrome browser update to Version 89


Any solution for this problem?

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add the Elvis url to your java security settings, fixed it for us

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Same issue started last week for us when windows updated. Happens on all our laptops and with all ELVIS boards. Pop ups are enabled and the URL is not blocked.

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We just finished testing, had to have the previous version of Chrome for it to connect. 

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Same issue on Chrome and Edge on windows and chrome on android. Had to use Samsung internet browser for it to work.


Strangely, NI hasn't commented on this yet!

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they'll want us to play 1k in service contract for this info, thats why

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Hi Wilson, 


I recommend referring to this article  that addresses the issue of connection failure of ELVIS III to Measurements Live. 


Kind regards, 


Ana Gomes
Technical Support Engineer 
Technical Support Team | NI 

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This reply is directed to NI staff monitoring this thread. We have 6 ELVIS III units that all broke when our IT department pushed the latest image to our lab computers. We wasted hours trying to troubleshoot the problem until we happened on the note about the problem with the Chrome browser.


I think it is unconscionable of NI to bury the fix in an obscure note. You should have sent an e-mail to all registered ELVIS III users informing them of the problem and the patch.


However, more to the point, why did you design the software to be version dependent of one (or two) browser? Using a browser as a front end is a good idea, but the back-end code should be agnostic and work with any browser. If you have to do it that way, then wrap the measurement live software with a browser front end.



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I have 12 ELVIS iii units and NI refuses to give me an answer unless I pay for a re-newed subscription to their tech support. Measurement Live is free? This is unacceptable and will be giving word to our other institutions about this greedy company. Been working on finding a solution for hours; please keep me updated if you find anything. Thank you.

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This workes for me:


Here you can find a guide to get old chromium browser releases. I found this google snapshot beeing the latest version 88 release. 


You may download the for a portable browser version or the mini_installer to install it locally. This Browser version works for me. 


Additionally I added my elvis url to the desktop icon of the installed chromium instance eg. and changed the Icon to the measurement live icon. Now its kind of handy to use elvis again. 


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