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Updates to User Groups in the NI Community

Community Team



New User Group Features

We are excited to announce several new features within user groups.

1. Invite users via email address
Don't know the username of the person you want to invite? Now you can simply insert the email address of the user to send an invite their way.
If the person does not have a community profile, the invite tool will notify you of this and prevent you from sending the invite. We recommend reaching out to the user via email to encourage them to setup a community profile.


2. Rich text editor for your group overview
Now when updating your group overview, you can use the Rich Text Editor to format your text. If you want to use more advanced styling, you can still insert HTML by clicking on the source option within the text editor.


3. Private message all group members
If you need to get a quick message out to all of your group members, you can now send a private message to all of your users. Users will receive the private message in their community inbox. Most community users will receive an email notification of the new private message as well.
To send the message, go to the members page for your group (found by clicking on the members component on your group overview page), then clicking on the Send Message button. A pop-up will appear in which you can insert a plain text message. You can use simple HTML to format the message, but for more advanced formatting or for longer messages we recommend you create a new topic within your user group instead.


More information on user group features for GroupAdmins can be found here: GroupAdmin Policies and FAQ


User Group Policies

In order to ensure GroupAdmins are aware of their responsibilities, and all user groups are being managed consistently, we have introduced a set of policies that we expect all GroupAdmins to adhere to while managing their user groups. These policies will help GroupAdmins effectively manage their user group, and help ensure that all user groups remain active and high quality. The new policies can be found here: GroupAdmin Policies and FAQ.


Upcoming User Group Audit

To provide the best experience to our users, we want to ensure the freshest and most used content is easily found. In order to do this, we will begin auditing user groups on twice a year. During the audit, we will measure the activity, membership, and traffic within each user group. User groups that do not meet the defined criteria will be moved to the More Groups category to further measure performance. If a user group is deemed completely inactive (no new posts and no new members for 1 year), it will be moved to a private archive. More information on our archiving policy can be found here: NI Community Content Archiving Policy.

We are planning to begin our first audit at the start of 2018. If you are the owner of a user group that meets the criteria to be archived, you will receive an email from the NI Community team prior to any action being taken.