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Re: Top Forum Users - August 2016

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We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the NI Discussion Forums in the month of August. Whether you were asking a question, posting a reply, or authored a solution -- all of your efforts contribute to making the forums a great resource for your fellow peers.

In the month of August, we welcomed 1,433 new users and saw 10,867 posts made to the forums!


 A special thank you to our top contributors for the month of August:


Top Kudoed Aug.png


Solutions August.png


Some of the top kudoed posts from August:

Also in August, we had a great chance to meet up with our NI Community members at NIWeek. It was great seeing those of you who were able to make it to Austin! Stay tuned for more updates!


NI Community Team
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The suggestion regarding the CLA summit was made by Mads, not by me (although I did contribute a little).

I think he deserves the mention for starting the thread.... :Heart

Community Team

Intaris - you were mentioned as your post received a high amount of kudos. We've edited the post to recognize Mads as well for starting a good discussion though. Cat Happy

Trusted Enthusiast

Ah, OK.  Thanks for the edit.  Fair is fair. Smiley Happy