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Re: Top Community Users - February 2017

Community Team



We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the NI Community in the month of February. Whether you were asking a question, posting a reply, or authored a solution -- all of your efforts contribute to making the community a great resource for your fellow peers.

In the month of February, we welcomed 1,453 new users and saw 11,300 posts made to the community!

 A special thank you to our top contributors for the month of February:






Also in February:

Active Participant

Could we get a breakdown of the kudos and solutions by the following:

  • NI Representatives
  • NI Alliance Members (Maybe separate by level?)
  • NI Community

This would help show the continued support of the NI Representatives and their Alliance Members as well as the smaller players that are trying to help others.  Possible Recognition during NI Week for the Top x in each grouping/category?


Just my $0.02; any other thoughts?

Help the Community (and future reviewers) by marking posts as follows:
If it helped - KUDOS
If it answers the issue - SOLUTION
Community Team

Hi Minions - thanks for the suggestion! This sounds similar to how we look at the contributions the Knights of NI and LabVIEW Champions make to the community. However, we currently don't have a way to segment by Alliance Members. This is something we can review further and consider pursing development on in the future.