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Re: Remembering the first Knight of NI

NI Employee



Last week, we learned that DennisKnutson passed away on February 21, 2016.


Dennis was the first NI Community member to reach 10K posts and to be knighted by Jeff K. He was one of the original LabVIEW Champions. And he shared his knowledge, expertise, and humor with the community in nearly 39,000 posts over the past 15 years.

Join us in remembering Dennis here: The start of a new era dawns with The passing of the first Knight.


Dennis often answered my posts. He's a real champ, even a Knight. Will miss him.

Active Participant

When I started posting here in summer 2014, he was one of the few who was always there with an answer to my newbie questions. Sad to see him go, off to the great block diagram in the sky!