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As part of the ongoing renovations in the NI Community, we will be undergoing maintenance on Tuesday, May 16th from approximately 6 PM to 10 PM CT time. During this time, you may experience slow loading times or intermittent outages. This maintenance window is necessary to complete various backend updates as well as to address some small design fixes.

Once the update is complete, GroupAdmins may notice some workflow changes and pages design updates with managing their group members. One aspect of this is the removal of the join requests link from the group overview page. GroupAdmins will need to visit to the Members Page to manage their users, invite new users, and to see requests to join the group.


There will be a tab on the page specifically for open join requests which has its own unique URL, so it will be possible to simply bookmark the URL to easily visit the page to view and manage all join requests at once. Please refer to the documentation for more information on user groups: Using Groups in the NI Community

Also within groups, the formatting of the group topics listing has been updated to match that which you currently see within a forum board. You can now also accept solutions within a topic.

Finally, users will also notice that the Example Programs template has been updated to be one text editor with the various template fields pre-filled in. Also, there is now an HTML view available when creating or editing Documents.

If you have any questions for the NI Community team during the maintenance window, you can post to the Feedback board or email us directly at If you need troubleshooting and development support, please refer to the support contact information found here.