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Introducing the New NI Community Homepage

Community Team




The NI Community homepage is getting a new look! The new homepage will help you get to the areas of the community that you are most interested in -- whether that's asking a question on the discussion forums, finding a local user group, or reading the latest news on the blogs. We've also translated the content on the homepage -- so when you've updated your language settings, the homepage will update as well.


Below is a screenshot of what this new homepage will look like (when not logged in):




When you're logged in, you will also see a new area called "Personalized Content." In this area you will be able to access the "My Groups" page which lists all of the user groups that you belong to. You will also find access to private boards such as any beta programs that you are a member of and more.


We've also made some other changes around the community:


  • When logged in, your notifications and private messages are now separate from the user dropdown menu. This will help you more easily identify when you have new messages.
  • When logged in, the user dropdown menu will include a link to the My Groups page so you can easily access your groups from anywhere.
  • When searching, you will now be able to search for places in the community. For instance, if you want to find a particular user group, you can enter the name of the group in the search field
  • [Coming at a later date] When logged in, the user dropdown menu will include a link to a new page, "My Favorites." This page will feature all of your floated forum boards, blogs, idea exchanges, etc. so you can easily access the areas of the community you are most interested in.

Expect to see all of this go live this tomorrow - Thursday, March 7th!


Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. You can also post any questions in the Feedback board.