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Introducing the My Favorites page!

Community Team



We're happy to announce a new feature - the My Favorites page! When logged in, the user dropdown menu - found at the top right of any page - will include a link to a new page, "My Favorites." This page will feature all of your favorite areas of the community so you can easily access what you are most interested in.




The My Favorites page can be accessed directly via the following link:


In order to have an area of the community appear on the My Favorites page, you must first "float" it. You can find the float option in the Options menu on a forum board, blog, idea exchange, or user group page. For example, if you wanted to see the Community News blog on the My Favorites page, visit the blog and click on the options menu. Then, select the "Float this to the top" option.




You can float the following types of pages:

  • Forum boards
  • Blogs
  • Idea exchanges
  • User groups

You cannot float categories or document repositories for the My Favorites page.


Please note that content will appear on the My Favorites page in the order that you float it - starting with the most recent.

If you want to reorder the page, you must unfloat then re-float the corresponding forum board, blog, etc. You will find the unfloat option in the same Options menu as before.



Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below. You can also post any questions in the Feedback board.