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Introducing NI Community Badges

NI Employee (retired)




Badges have arrived in the NI Community! A badge is a type of visual reward that you can earn for completing specific community actions or for achieving important community milestones. Community badges can be acquired through online participation such as replying to topics, receiving kudos, and authoring solutions.


These community badges compliment those that you can earn through the official NI Badge Program for learning paths and professional certifications - however, this is a separate program. Community badges will only be awarded for activities that happen within this community and will only be displayed on your community profile page.

When you earn a community badge, you will receive an email notification (toggle this off in your Notification Settings), and your user profile page will update to display these accomplishments for everyone to see.





When you view your own profile, you can see what badges you have yet to earn. Some badges will be kept secret though as a surprise!


Additionally, when hovering over a username in the community, you will also be able to see the most recent badges a user has earned.





The first set of badges we roll out will be limited. You will spot one for our trusted Knights of NI.


We're open to any ideas you may have for future badges once this program is in full swing. Please let us know in the comments below or feel free to post to the Feedback board.

Time to update some of those tardy badges. "Check back in June 2018" ? Tick tock! 😄

"I don't know" is a valid and respectable answer.