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Re: Introducing: Category Subscriptions and Mute Topic Feature

NI Employee (retired)



Today, we rolled out two new features within the community - Category Subscriptions and the Mute Topic feature.


About Category Subscriptions:

If you are interested in all of the areas within a particular category, you can now easily subscribe to everything at once.

From the category page, click on the Options menu then select Subscribe.




Next, you will be presented with a pop-up where you can choose to subscribe to all of the areas within the category, or you can choose a partial subscription.



If you select partial, you can then de-select the areas you do not want to subscribe to.


Known Issues:

  • If you are already subscribed to a board, and you de-select it when choosing a partial subscription to a category, you will still receive notifications.
  • On mobile, tapping Options > Subscribe is not currently working on a category page. This seems to only affect iOS and not Android.


About the Mute Topic Feature:

The Mute Topic feature allows you to mute email notifications for new replies to a topic that you are subscribed to while still receiving notifications within your Notification Feed.
This feature can be useful for when you are subscribed to a board and receive notifications for all of the topics within the board, but have no interest in a particular topic.


To use this feature, go to the topic that you want to mute and select Topic Options > Mute.




Known Issues:

  • If you mute a topic but then submit a reply, by default you are now subscribed to the topic. However, since you previously muted the topic, you will not receive email notifications. You will still receive notifications for the topic in your Notification Feed though.
  • The mute option is not appearing or working correctly within group topics.


Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. You can also post in the Feedback on the NI Community board.


Nice post.. Worth reading. Thanks for sharing.