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Improvements to the Text Editor

NI Employee



The text editor within the NI Community has gotten an upgrade!


The upgraded text editor changes includes:


  • Simplified toolbar to easily access the basic styling options
    • The basic functions will be displayed when you first start creating a post. If you need more options, click on the ellipsis icon to expand the toolbar.




  • Preview/HTML views moved
    • Instead of having 3 tabs above the editor for Rich Text, HTML, and Preview -- now there are no tabs. Instead, you will see the preview option on the right above the toolbar. For the HTML view, there is now an HTML button in the toolbar which will display a pop-up where you can edit the HTML.



  • Better visual display for code samples in posts
    • You can now choose from one of the 12 supported languages. Inserted code blocks show the right indentation and Syntax highlighting according to the programming language making it easier to follow it.



  • Inline editing to resize or realign an image
    • Now you can click on an image in your post to reposition, resize, or add a caption.



  • Improved emoji support
    • The Unicode standard set of emojis has replaced the previous emoji set.



  • Drag-and-drop images and attachments
    • Now you can drag and drop images or even paste an image directly into the editor to upload to the site. You will also be able to drag and drop attachments to the attachments area when creating a post.



There are a few known issues that we are currently working through with our community vendor.  The biggest issues you might encounter are as follows:

  • When editing a very long post, the page jumps up. This does not occur in Chrome.
  • In Internet Explorer, the quote button does not work. When you click on the quote button, nothing happens.
  • In Internet Explorer, sometimes the text disappears from the post. Sometimes, you can load the auto-saved version of your post. Other times, you make a completely blank post.

  • The drag and drop experience for images is inconsistent across web browsers.
    • In Firefox, if you click on the insert image button, then attempt to drag and drop an image, nothing happens. However, you can browse and upload the image as expected. Dragging and dropping directly into the post also works.
    • Drag and drop images does not work in Edge or Internet Explorer.
    • Pasting images into the text editor does not work in Edge or Internet Explorer.
      • If you try to paste an image, then upload the image instead, sometimes your post may be missing the image after publishing.
  • In Firefox and Chrome, if you drag an attachment over into the browser, but do not let go, the "drop your files here" text will appear on and off screen repeatedly.
  • In Chrome, if you drag an attachment over into the browser, and do not place it within the attachments area, the file will download or open in browser.
  • On mobile, the quote button is missing.


Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, or feel free to start a new topic in the Feedback board.