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Improved image upload experience

Community Team



The way you upload and view images is getting an overhaul!

With the new image uploader, you can:

  • Drag and drop images into the uploader
  • Select multiple images at once to upload
  • Add captions to be displayed underneath an image
  • On mobile, utilize the mobile browser's upload interface


Much of the functionality you are used to will remain the same. For instance, you will still be able to insert an image by uploading, inserting a URL, or select from previously saved images. You will also have standard options to choose the size and alignment of an image. However, the interface will be revamped with a new look and feel as seen below.




When inserting an image, be sure to check the Format Preview to select how you want your image to be displayed within your post. The default formatting is for the image to have no alignment -- meaning, the text will not wrap around the image -- and the size will be set to large. You can change this by choosing a size from the dropdown menu, and selecting the position to be left or right aligned with word wrapping, or else centered.




Along with the new uploader, you will now have the ability to view images in a post within a lightbox. When viewing an image in a lightbox, you can:

  • View a larger size of the image or view in full-screen mode
  • Kudo the image
  • Flag the image for review by a moderator
  • Download the image
  • View the history of where else the image has been published in the community
  • Scroll through all images within a post at once




Look for these changes in the community next week!