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Example Code Exchange Changes!

Community Team



The Example Code Exchange changes that we teased back in October are finally here! This evening we will be releasing a handful of improvements to the Example Code Exchange based on feedback that you all provided to us. As a result of these changes, you will see an impact on existing and new examples. 

Highlights of the changes can be found below: 


  • New template – The template that users complete when creating a new example has been updated to make it easier for example authors to provide relevant information to support their code. You can find more information regarding the template in the Example Program Style Guidelines documentation. A few changes worth highlighting: 
    • The template now includes the ability for example author to select NI Products that are relevant to the example so that other Community users can more easily find the content.  
    • The new template has a field for users to provide a link into other example repositories where the code is hosted, allowing users to make use of other sites (GitHub, Lava, etc.) to host the source code, while also creating an Example Program document in the NI Community.  
  • Publishing process - The Example Code Exchange is consolidating the Example Programs and Example Program Drafts areas into one Example repository. When new examples are created, they will be published directly to the example repository and will not be gated through a review process, allowing users to more quickly share code with the community. For more information see the Example Programs Creation and Publishing Process documentation.  
    • Note: Community Users may see performance issues in the Community on Wednesday evening while the various code repositories in the community are consolidated.  
  • Example Licensing Policy – All existing and new Example Programs will be licensed with the MIT license! For more information see the Example Code Licensing Policy documentation 
  • Community User-Driven Code Review - LabVIEW Champions and Knights of NI will have the ability to review published example code, allowing all community users to more easily identify code that has been vetted by experienced LabVIEW users. For more information regarding the Review Process see the Example Program Review Process documentation 
  • Non-English Example Programs – The Example Program repository has expanded to include non-English documents! Now all Regional Boards have an Example Program Repository to support example code in the local language.  When a new Example Program is created the user can choose the language in which they will write the document, and this selection will impact the location in which the Example Program is published.  

We are excited to release these changes and to provide an improved experience in the Example Code Exchange! As you use these new features please ensure to check out the updated Example Program Documentation. Be sure to let us know your questions and feedback here or in the comments below.

Carli S.
Troubleshooting & Maintenance Digital Business Manager - NI