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Coming Soon: Changes to the Example Code Exchange

Community Team


The NI Community has exciting changes coming in early 2020 to the Example Code Exchange! Based on feedback that we have received from users, we are working on improvements to the overall code sharing experience. These changes will impact existing examples that were previously uploaded to the Example Code Exchange as well as new examples created in the future. Please see below for details regarding these changes. 

  • New Example License Policy- The Example Code Exchange will be adopting a new licensing policy, requiring users to agree to license their uploaded code with the MIT license. The published example page will include messaging stating that the code is licensed with the MIT license. This messaging will be applied to new examples and existing examples that were published prior to this policy being put in place.
    • We have sent out an email communication to users that have previously contributed code to the Example Code Exchange. We are giving users the option to opt out of this new licensing policy for any examples that they have previously authored. If you opt out of the MIT license for existing example documents, we will remove the examples from the Example Code Exchange.
    • To find examples that you have previously authored and will be impacted by this change you can navigate to your User Profile and scroll down to the section labeled My Document Contributions 

  • Publish Examples Faster- The Example Code Exchange is consolidating the Example Programs and Example Program Drafts areas into one Example repository. When new examples are created, they will be published directly to the example repository, allowing users to more quickly share code with the community.  

  • Example Template Improvements - The example template is being updated to enable authors to provide valuable information in their example document so that other users can easily find and re-use the example code. 

  • Community User Driven Code Review- LabVIEW Champions and Knights of NI will have the ability to review published example code, allowing all community users to more easily identify code that has been vetted by LabVIEW experts.  

We look forward to sharing more information with you in the near future! Please keep an eye on the NI Community News blog for further announcements.

Carli S.
Troubleshooting & Maintenance Digital Business Manager - NI