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Re: Call for participation in research. Giftcard for eligible participants - New Dates Available

NI Employee

The Digital Support team at NI is seeking participants in research that will help us improve the effectiveness of


The requirements are simple:


  • Provide one hour of your time between February 1 and 2, or February 5-9 via GoToMeeting session.
  • Complete a series of pre-defined online tasks from your home or office – don’t worry, it’s the website we’re measuring, not you. 

If you’re interested, please get in touch with Mark Crowley ( who is running the sessions and let him know that you are available. Please indicate your country, time zone, employer type (govt, commercial, education providers, military etc.) and include your business phone number.


To show our appreciation, eligible participants will receive a giftcard.*


Please note, the session is conducted by Customer Carewords on behalf of NI. Though the sessions are recorded, they are never made public.


We look forward to your response.


Best regards,



*Eligibility details: Anyone is welcome to participate in this research. However, we can legally only send thank-you giftcards to people in the US and certain other countries.  If you provide us with your country, we'll let you know your giftcard eligibility.

Christine Egli | National Instruments | Section Manager, Digital Support Experience



I did not logged some time and all my statistics/achievements disappeared....could you fix it?

I was a member from 2005-2006 years and sad to see that all the history gone ...



Thank you, Yuri 

NI Employee

yemelian - I will send you a follow-up via private message.


I am from india and I would like to participate.

can i also particiapate?