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2017 Year In Review & Looking Ahead to 2018

NI Employee

After a very eventful 2016 full of changes, 2017 brought fewer big changes, but many subtler improvements to the NI Community.


Improvements in 2017


Many of the improvements made to the NI Community in 2017 were behind the scenes as we worked to resolve dozens of bugs and minor problems to improve the stability and experience of the NI Community.

In addition to this behind the scenes work, we had several updates to help make using the the NI Community simpler:


Plans for 2018


In 2018 our major focus will be helping to make the NI Community more organized and useable, so you can find exactly what you need as quickly as possible. We have an active community with a lot of members, posts, and groups. Sorting through all of this to find what you need can be extremely difficult. This year we will review the structure of the community, revise experiences and organization, and audit stale, outdated experiences to ensure the most relevant content and places on the NI Community are easily found.

Thanks for a terrific year! We’re looking forward to another great year in 2018!

NI Community Team
National Instruments