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2016 Community Renovations & What to Expect for 2017

NI Employee



With major renovations to both the NI Community design and underlying technology, 2016 was the biggest year of change for the NI Community in a very long time (if not ever). We know this level of change can be both exciting and frustrating, and we want to offer an emphatic thank you to all of our members who have tried out the new features and provided input and feedback. We would not be a “community” without you and we greatly appreciate your contributions!


2016 Year in Review


In addition to many small updates (Some additional guidance on making posts, a view of all your Solutions, and some new avatars), there were two large changes to the NI Community in 2016:

  • A New Look for the NI Community
    The NI Community design was updated to help unify the NI Community experience with the rest of and ensure a similar experience across all screen sizes and device (desktops, tablets, and mobile devices).
  • Migration of the User Group Community 
    The NI Community is now entirely located within Moving these use cases and content has been a complicated change, but this change addressed the most consistent piece of feedback we’d heard from community members – spreading the across multiple systems, designs, and profiles caused difficulty and confusion for our members. We know that we are not finished improving the NI Community and will continue to make enhancements based on input from you, our members.


Community Renovations for 2017


While 2016 was all about big changes, 2017 will be about making small changes to continuously improve the NI Community experience. Much of this work will be behind the scenes, but you can expect the NI Community team to be working on these items:

  • Organization and Findability of your content
    The biggest point of feedback we’ve received over the past few months has been around how the NI Community is organized and how to best find you groups, documents, posts, etc. Improving this will be our main focus this year.
  • Technology Improvements
    Many of these changes will be behind the scenes, but we will also be working to fix bugs, improve efficiency, and ensure the stability of the NI Community to make sure we’re always up and running and working as you expect.

We’ll be posting a summary of our most active members, most popular posts, and more from 2016 in the coming days. Please keep an eye out for that post!


Thanks so much for a great 2016 - we can’t wait to work with you in 2017!

NI Community Team
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