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Multisim Online Resources

NI Employee (retired)

Hello Circuit Designers,

One thing I recently noticed is that there are a lot of Multisim resources out there but they’re not always that easy to find. I thought it would be useful to point out some of them today. To begin with here is the National Instruments landing page for Multisim. It has the usual wealth of product information but for our purposes we will explore some of the other Multisim resources that are available from this and other locations on


The introductory page NI Multisim and Ultiboard Technical Resources has getting started tutorials on Multisim and Ultiboard, how to get technical support as well as more advanced discussions such as SPICE simulation fundamentals and PCB layout best practices.

If you are looking for concepts, circuits and simulations you should visit the National Instruments Circuit Design Technical Library. This is a fairly comprehensive source for schematic design, SPICE simulation concepts and advanced simulation discussions including incorporating LabVIEW measurements into Multisim. As well you will find a good collection videos of NI Multisim Technical Help Videos available.

For in depth discussions on Multisim, Ultiboard and NI ELVIS check out the White Papers section. This area is updated often so you should check back frequently. A quick search on the term Multisim turns up almost 400 hits with topics such as detailed application notes, integrating Multisim and NI ELVIS, as well as a plethora of courseware. More Multisim courseware, broken down by year of study and application, can also be found here.

National Instruments maintains two Multisim specific communities National Instruments Circuit Design Community (this location) and Multisim Custom Simulation Analyses and Instruments. The latter location has a large set of custom instruments and analyses for use in Multisim that were developed in LabVIEW and are geared towards specific engineering applications such as system control, audio signal processing, noise analysis, and power design.

I hope this quick overview has provided you with a good basis for your exploration of circuit design and simulation with Multisim. Let me know if you have some favorite sources for circuits, models or other Multisim resources that you would like to share.

Campbell B

National Instruments