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Multisim 14.0 Released

NI Employee (retired)

Hello Multisim Users,

Just a quick note today to let everyone know that Multisim 14.0 has been released. This upgrade is free for users with an up-to-date Standard Service Program membership.

Added functionality includes all-new parameter analysis, integration with new embedded targets, and simplified design with user-definable templates. For the circuit designer there are 6,000 new components from leading manufacturers, a new active analysis toolbar to improve engineering workflow and enhanced voltage, current, power and digital probes.


For educators and students Multisim 14 comes with a new plug-in to co-simulate with Microchip’s MPLAB for simulation of complete circuits including PIC Microcontrollers (MCUs). Educators can combine the teaching of analog electronics, digital circuits, and embedded systems topics in a single software environment. Students can learn advanced concepts of real-world applications such as Pulse Width Modulation and LCD displays.

Over the next few posts I will be going in to more detail on these new features. Stay tuned.

Campbell B

National Instruments