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Re: Connectors for NI 78xxR Multifunction RIO series in Multisim

NI Employee (retired)

Hello circuit designers,

NI Multisim features more than 450 predefined standard connector symbols and footprints to accurately prototype custom circuitry for different hardware platforms.

More than 180 of these connectors are specific to NI hardware systems. A 68-pin VHDCI connector is used to build custom-load boards for single-ended test and measurement applications based on the NI R-series data acquistion modules. These modules use an FPGA-based system timing controller to make all analog and digital I/O configurable for application-specific operation. The connector comes in both vertical (NI-780389) and right-angled (NI-778914) standards, and is used on all the PXI and PCI R-series modules.

Depending on the module you are using, different DIO, AI, and AO allocations are assigned to the connector pins. Multisim simplifies the schematic capture process of these components on your design with dedicated component sections for each functionality.

The screenshots below demonstrate how these components look like in the Multisim database:


Connector placement in Multisim:


Ultiboard footprint and 3D view:

3.png          4.png

Always looking for your feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mahmoud W


Thank you,

Is there the connector for arduino board in multisim library? And for GPIC power evaluation board?

Thank you

Manel Puig

NI Employee (retired)

Which Arduino connector are you referring to? The generic connectors in Multisim are under the Connectors group not the NI_Components group.

About the GPIC board, check this post, it's a complete design of custom mating board to the GPIC, it includes the board outline, drill holes, mating IDC headers and breakout screw terminal connections: