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Accurate Switch Mode Power Supply Designs

NI Employee (retired)

Hello Circuit Designers,

As a circuit designer you rely on datasheets to define the specification of your design. Although they are an indispensable resource datasheets often lack detailed information on how parts will behave in different configurations.  Using Multisim SPICE simulation in the design flow can provide valuable insight into component behavior and reduce iterations.

For an interesting example on how simulation can be used in this manner you should check out Accurate Switched-Mode Power Supply Designs with NXP Components in our white papers. This paper, on the power stage of a DC-to-DC buck converter, uses Multisim SPICE simulation to determine how LC values effect ripple, the efficiency of the converter as well as using power dissipation to better understand thermal behavior.

Buck Converter.jpg

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions on this or any other Multisim topics.

Campbell B

National Instruments