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Condition Monitoring Testbed


We’re bringing an unprecedented level of interoperability to operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT).


Our open, software-centric platform forms the bedrock of the Condition Monitoring Tested at the forefront of machine learning. By adding SparkCognition’s data analytics to the mix, the testbed processes big data much faster - allowing you to proactively avoid unplanned equipment fatigue and critical asset failure faster by having advanced insights into equipment health and remediation solutions. The technology supports some serious operational improvements:


  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Increased safety


In a new age of big analog data, machine learning is a primary way to harness information. The ability to collect raw data and derive insights to improve operations, equipment and processes offers huge cost savings and competitive advantages as data warns operators about component failures before they occur, identify sub-optimal operating conditions, and assist with root-cause analysis.


More info about the new testbed >>>

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