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A unique software learning experience crafted by our outstanding and innovative LabVIEW Champions


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The emergence of smarter cars means automotive companies are looking for smarter ways to work. And they know getting there requires new efficiencies in their existing design and development processes.


One way companies want to do this is by extracting more knowledge from corporate data. As a common goal across the industry, we see the same issues arise when tackling this challenge. We also see a solution: Viviota’s Time-to-Insight Software Suite™ (TTI) combined with NI’s Data Management Software Suite.



Address in a model-based design process



In a model-based design (MBD) process, data from physical testing is combined with data from model-based simulations, and then analyzed. The main point is to build products faster. So, when one of our international automotive customers sought ways to address inefficiencies, we looked at test data preparation, analysis, and reporting processes.

 Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 12.23.28 PM.png


Their engineers were spending precious time not only finding, managing, and standardizing test data but also analyzing and reporting it—upward of 10 hours in one case! This was happening for three reasons:


  • Decentralized data management
  • Inconsistent file formats
  • Limited access to reliable historical data


Using TTI, which harnesses the power of the Data Management Software Suite, we proposed a solution and piloted it with a single work cell. We targeted three areas for efficiency improvement:


  • Cleanse and standardize data to provide a consistent format and labeling system for all data
  • Index cleansed data by a powerful search engine
  • Provide a server-level analysis engine and interface to centralize and speed analysis


The power of managing data saves valuable time



Our solution moved the processing of more than 1,000 data files from individual engineering systems to a server-class machine (32 cores). Before the Viviota implementation, engineers in a single test cell typically spent five hours per week locating data and five hours processing and analyzing the data.


With TTI and the Data Management Software Suite, the time to locate and analyze data went from 10 hours to seven minutes. Although this initial project was aimed at one automotive work cell (powertrain), we’re eager to replicate this success in other work cells such as engines, brakes, and transmissions.


Check out the Data Management Software Suite >>

See how you can save time with TTI >>

This blog is a part of a series with our Alliance Partner, Viviota. Find out how NI Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped and skilled to help solve your toughest engineering challenges. Alliance Partners are a business entity independent from and has no agency, partnership, or joint-venture relationship with NI.

  • Alliance Partner Network

NI Booth Still - ATE Europe.JPG


Wireless engineers face a big challenge today. They must prototype next-generation wireless communications systems and increasingly connected devices in a more competitive and fast-changing communications industry.


European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2017, a six-day event in Nuremberg, will focus on the future of microwave technology globally and give us a better look at how this challenge is impacting the industry today and changing the way engineers work.


Look for the following topics at EuMW 2017:


5G prototyping: the progress we have made


5G continues to capture headlines as wireless companies everywhere take on the challenge of building a 5G wireless network. NI’s engagement with industry leaders in 5G prototyping has resulted in MIMO systems with world record-breaking spectrum efficiency, including one of the world’s fastest mmWave channel sounders.


NI at EuMW: We’ll demonstrate a real-time, 28 GHz, over-the-air prototype aligned with the Verizon 5G specification. We’ll also showcase an academic partnership enabling research on ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless communications for mobile video recording and broadcasting. Follow @NIglobal for updates during the show.


5G EuMW.jpeg



Sensor fusion test: a key part of the race towards autonomous vehicles


As automakers race to produce autonomous vehicles, sensors like cameras, lidar, GNSS, and radar are making automotive test much more complex. Due to the speed at which this industry trend is evolving, shows like EuMW help us keep up with the progress towards making sensor fusion test faster and safer. This is critical for automotive suppliers to remain competitive as we move toward more connected autonomous cars.


NI at EuMW: We’ll demonstrate an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) test solution, developed in collaboration with Germany’s ADAS IIT consortium, for short- and long-range radar at 76–81 GHz. The solution is based on the industry-standard PXI modular instrumentation platform. Using PXI’s timing, triggering, and synchronisation capability, along with instruments from DC to RF and bus interfaces like CAN, this system provides an ideal solution for testing sensor fusion. Follow @NIglobal for updates during the show.


Also, in the MicroApps theatre, NI distinguished engineer Paul Khanna will discuss high-performance test techniques for automotive radar sensors at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 11 October.




Software: the solution for faster and smarter microwave design and test innovation


As wireless capability is integrated into a dramatically growing number of devices, manufacturers increasingly need to test larger volumes of connected devices. This makes it even more important to efficiently design, deploy, and maintain automated wireless test systems. Productive development software is key to achieving the goal of efficiently creating test systems.


NI at EuMW: At NIWeek 2017, we announced LabVIEW NXG 1.0, the next generation of LabVIEW systems engineering software. LabVIEW NXG accelerates automated test system development and deployment with these essential features: guided, instrument-specific examples; test and function reuse; engineering data exploration; ability to build scalable libraries; and remote result viewing.


Follow along


Follow @NIglobal for updates during the show.


Going to EuMW?


We look forward to seeing you! Visit us at Stand 124 and in the MicroApps Theatre.


Follow us to receive our EuMW updates: @NIglobal






The automotive industry is facing its biggest challenge yet: adapting to rapidly-changing technology and customer expectations. The CEOs of each ADAS iiT company (read more about the ADAS iiT collaboration, a single-platform solution for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) from NI Alliance Partners, here) sat down with us to share their perspective on the automotive industry’s future and the challenges automotive engineers face right now.


  • Alliance Partner Network

“There’s a lot of real driving to be done to get autonomous vehicles onto the streets, and there are many prerequisites for that,”measX General Manager Dr. Joachim Hilsmann said. “Structured data handling in these tests avoids double or triple tests, which reduces the time you need to drive with this technology. And structured data is what all automakers will need as they work with other automakers and governments to standardize vehicle data.”


  • Alliance Partner Network

S.E.A. Datentechnik specializes in systems integration for test and measurement and has been an NI Alliance Partner for more than 20 years. For the last decade, one focus of S.E.A. has been heavily on the automotive industry, specifically on vehicle communications. Today S.E.A. is one of the world’s best experts on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, delivering valuable depth and expertise to the ADAS iiT collaboration.


  • Alliance Partner Network

Konrad Technologies GmbH was founded 24 years ago, with a focus on high-speed computing hardware. The Konrad team quickly began focusing on automotive test – and developed an expertise in the industry. Today, Konrad is one of the foremost experts in automated test solutions and ADAS sensor assembly - and a key partner in the ADAS iiT collaboration.


  • Alliance Partner Network

SET GmbH was founded 16 years ago with a focus on validation and verification (VNV) testing for the aerospace industry. SET shifted its focus to the automotive industry in 2001, and today, SET is one of the foremost experts in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing for both aerospace and automotive - and a key partner in the ADAS iiT collaboration.



Four of our Germany-based Alliance Partners formed a collaboration called ADAS iiT. Their technology, based on the NI platform, moves the testing of safety critical systems in vehicles from the road to the lab table. 


  • Alliance Partner Network

Celebrating our partners’ achievements


  • Alliance Partner Network

Exclusively for our partners, Alliance Day equips integrators, consultants, and product developers with technical and business training, and provides opportunities for networking with global sales, product management, and R&D.


  • Alliance Partner Network

The conference kicks off May 22 in Austin, TX




G Systems for the win!


  • Alliance Partner Network

We’ve built a new pair of cRIO controllers and teamed up with Cisco to enable creation of distributed systems that perform synchronized I/O, code execution, and deterministic communication, all using the latest additions to standard Ethernet. Together those controllers create technology engineers are already using to help vet the technology in ecosystem activities, including the Industrial Internet Consortium TSN Testbed for smart manufacturing.


The tech specs
The technology includes new CompactRIO controllers featuring Intel Atom processors and the Intel i210 TSN-enabled NIC for a high performance control system. These controllers use LabVIEW system design software to maintain synchronized time to the network and expose that time to code running on the real-time processor, as well as the code running on the FPGA.

LabVIEW’s already designed with time as a core concept using structures such as timed loops and single-cycle timed loops.  Now these structures are synchronized to network time which makes it simple for users to tightly coordinate signal processing, control algorithms, and I/O timing with scheduled network transmission and between multiple systems distributed across a network.  Additionally now with TSN these systems can deterministically send data across standard Ethernet networks to create reliable multi-controller coordinated systems.  


How to get early access
To get early access to these new controllers you can:

  1. Join our Time Sensitive Networks on our online Community, where you’ll find example code and documentation, along with more detailed info on hardware and software capabilities, and details on the appropriate products/accessories you need to create deployable TSN systems. 
  2. Sign up for the early access program! We’ll review your submission and follow up when the controllers are ready to ship.

Wait… what’s TSN, again?

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) enables the creation of distributed, synchronized, hard real-time systems over standard Ethernet. These systems use the same infrastructure to provide real-time control and communicate all standard IT data, powering convergence of control, measurement, configuration, UI and file exchange infrastructure. TSN’s expected to fundamentally change system design and maintenance by offering network convergence, secure control traffic and high performance!


Our new line of TSN-enabled controllers >>>


Our best set of resources 


  • Alliance Partner Network

It’s hard to believe our Alliance Partner Network is 25years old! Over the last 25 years, the program’s welcomed more than 1000 partner companies offering industry-leading products driven by NI software and hardware, and supporting our customers worldwide.


Empowering partners across the globe is important to us as a company. These independent, third-party companies help drive better systems integration and platform extensibility – and are heavy contributors to our LabVIEW Tools Network, which is essentially the NI App Store for engineers and scientists!


If you’re one of our software or hardware users and haven’t checked out our Alliance Partner Network, do it. This family of trusted experts around the world contributes so much value to our product ecosystem, and could help drive your next big project!

Check out the Alliance Partner Network >>>


And, if you’re one of our fantastic Alliance Partners, check out Alliance Day 2016 in Austin, Texas on August 1 – an event dedicated to you and the growth of our program.

  • Alliance Partner Network


Every year the Alliance Partner and LabVIEW Tools Network awards ceremony at NIWeekrecognizes the outstanding achievements of our integration and consulting partner companies, and add-on software products.


This year’s awards ceremony just wrapped up – and we’re thrilled to announce our 2016 winners and finalists!


LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year – 2016 Winners and Finalists


Application Enablement

Platform Connectivity

Developer Productivity

Community Contribution

Regional Partner of the Year Awards – 2016 Winners and Finalists

Americas Region

Asia-Pacific Region (APAC)

Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa Region (EMEIA)


Meet G Systems, our 2016 America’s Partner of the Year and creator of the VSAT Transmitter and Receiver Test Station.