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World-Leading Technologies for Optical Communications Test

We’re excited to announce the latest in a long history of adoptions of the PXI platform as the premier solution for automated test and automated measurement applications. Coherent Solutions, a world leader in test and measurement equipment for optical communications, will be working to bring their innovative line of optical test modules to the PXI platform.


Their migration to PXI adds tremendous value to customers working on mixed-signal, optical-electrical applications. The product line will support a wide range of applications including laser RIN testing, laser diode test and characterization, and wafer-level VCSEL testing.



Coherent Solutions.png


The first wave of products, announced today, include:


O2EPXIe: Optical-Electrical Convertor

  • AC or DC coupled
  • 1 or 2 channels
  • Various conversion gain and operating wavelength ranges

SwitchPXIe: Automated Optical Switch

  • Your choice of various port configurations
  • Low insertion loss providing higher performance
  • Various wavelength options including 850 nm, 1310 nm & 1550 nm
  • Built-in position monitoring for guaranteed reliability

VOAPXIe: Variable Optical Attenuator

  • 2 attenuators per blade
  • Choose between broad and narrow wavelength
  • Integrated Power Meters for precise output power control
  • Low insertion loss


Coherent Solutions is focused on rapidly expanding the portfolio of optical test modules available to PXI users. Stay tuned for future product announcements as we continue to work with Coherent Solutions to simplify optical test and characterization.


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