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WiFi Goes to the Farm: How CompactRIO Helps FireFly Equipment

Hand-stacked turf harvesting is still widely used in the farming industry.


Equipment companies have tried to build machines to automate turf slab cutting and stacking over the years to improve productivity, but the machines’ traditional approach makes them either perform inconsistently or increase productivity only slightly more than the hand-stacking process.



“For a small company like us to be able to service a sophisticated machine, we have them spread out all over the world […] there’s no way we’d be able to do the sophisticated things we’re doing for our customer that really doesn’t care about technology, he just wants to cut grass.” -Steve Aposhian, President and Chief Engineer, FireFly Equipment


CompactRIO controls every element of FireFly’s smart turf harvesting machine from data acquisition, to the UI, to motion control. 


FireFly used our technology to rapidly prototype an entirely new, complex smart machine, which significantly reduced time to market. FireFly’s smart machine results in 20% faster turf harvesting and 50% less diesel fuel consumption, compared to other automated turf harvesting machines.


The ProSlab 155′s built-in, secure wireless connectivity allows for condition monitoring and maintenance, as well as real-time control, and remote diagnostics, software updates, and training.


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