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What’s New in STS Software 2019?


NI Semiconductor Test SystemNI Semiconductor Test System

Our Semiconductor Test System (STS) is a production-ready ATE  solution for testing RF and mixed-signal semiconductor devices that improves time to market and lowers the cost of test. STS offers a comprehensive portfolio of instrumentation, standard test cell integration features, in-situ calibration support, and a broad range of services and support.


Most importantly, STS offers a unified software experience for defining pin maps; developing and debugging test programs; importing and exporting limits; result binning; STDF reporting; and more.


As semiconductor devices become more complex and market windows constrict, chipmakers are looking to suppliers to continue to optimize chip packaging and test solutions. Recent updates to our STS software provide relief.


Modern semiconductor chips present significant challenges for test engineers.Modern semiconductor chips present significant challenges for test engineers.

What’s Included in the STS Software Bundle?

STS software bundles include the various software tools needed to efficiently develop, debug, deploy, and execute test programs, as well as calibrate and maintain the tester. This version-controlled bundle includes instrumentation drivers; pin map definition tools; application development environments; a test sequencer; debug panels; and more.


Users can install and switch between multiple STS software bundles on a single tester with less than 15 minutes’ software changeover time. This means that STS deployments can use the most appropriate STS software bundle for any given test lot with minimal changeover time. You can use the latest-and-greatest STS software bundle version on your newest DUTs while preserving the ability to switch back to prior versions on the same tester configuration.


New STS enhancements improve efficiency and reduce test cost.New STS enhancements improve efficiency and reduce test cost.

What’s New in 2019?

STS Software 2019 includes significant software enhancements that improve efficiency and reduce test cost for semiconductor production test. Improved areas include programming and debugging experience, test execution speed, parallel test efficiency, and overall equipment efficiency.


As product development schedules and market windows shift, semiconductor test organizations get squeezed to accelerate the process of pushing increasingly complex devices through the development cycle—from characterization and validation, to production test.


STS Software 2019 offers a variety of improvements that help overburdened test engineering organizations more quickly and efficiently develop and debug high-throughput test programs, specifically:


  • An improved offline development experience provides more options for developing test programs without hardware access.
  • A simplified driver experience makes it easier to program duplicate instrument types with fewer driver sessions, and simplified digital scan support makes it easier to program and read digital patterns.
  • An improved debugging experience translates to quick interactive measurements and debugging automated tests in multisite applications simply by selecting the relevant DUT sites and pins. 

STS Software 2019 accelerates test execution times and offers enhanced parallel test efficiency.STS Software 2019 accelerates test execution times and offers enhanced parallel test efficiency.

Shifting market windows also pressure semiconductor operations and manufacturing groups to continuously optimize packaging and test equipment to get to market quickly while maximizing profitability. For operations groups, STS Software 2019 delivers continuous test throughput improvement for new and existing customers. New instrument driver optimizations accelerate test execution times, and enhanced thread management improves parallel test efficiency. 


Additionally, as manufacturing groups changeover tester configurations between lots, STS customers also benefit from shortened software changeover time, increasing utilization and improving overall equipment efficiency. 

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