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What Do You Love About Engineering?


To celebrate Engineers Week (February 21-27), we asked what you love about engineering. Your responses are as diverse as the different fields of engineering!

Here’s a small sample of what you said:


“It’s practically cliché to say ‘engineering is problem solving,’ but when you consider some of the problems engineering’s solved, and the impact on improving the human condition, it’s fair to say engineering is about making the world a better place…” – Brian

“I chose engineering because since I was a little kid, I always loved to solve puzzles, unscramble cables, and disassemble broken electronic things. Also because Physics is my passion since I was old enough to actually understand it.” – Nico

“What made me choose engineering was brought to me from McDonalds food chains. As a child, the electronic toys in happy meals encouraged my mind to think like an engineer. After taking apart the toys I would cut out the components and place them in a box thinking ‘someday I’ll need these!’ I graduate this May with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and still have that box of components as a reminder of the child-like enthusiasm needed to be a successful engineer industry.” – Tyler

“Engineers can solve any kind of problems, simple and complex.” – Portgas

“Inventing and building things (abstract or solid) is fun!” – Umiz

“I’m an engineer because l can join the mathematical comprehension of nature, with practical applications for humanity.” – Marcello

“It provides jobs for my grandchildren who choose to work in the field.” – Wilma


We hope all of you, engineers and non-engineers alike, enjoy this week and take the time to marvel at the amazing difference engineers make in the world. 

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