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We’re Donating $1 Million in Hardware and Software to NYU WIRELESS for 5G Research



We’ve enjoyed working with Dr. Ted Rappaport, NYU WIRELESS Founding Director, on advancing wireless technology since his days at the University of Texas at Austin.


We’re excited to donate $1 million in hardware and software to NYU WIRELESS today to further mmWave communications, channel measurement, and channel emulation research for 5G communications.


We’re equipping NYU WIRELESS labs with hardware and software from our flexible software defined radio (SDR) solutions, which researchers in the wireless communications industry and in academia are already using to help usher in the next generation of 5G.


Our SDRs: The equipment necessary to make mmWave a reality 


The FCC, 3GPP, and other standardization bodies for 5G networks have targeted mmWave frequencies over the last year. But it’s only been in the last few years has the mmWave radio spectrum – driven by research at NYU WIRELESS – has become widely accepted as having potential for the next generation of wireless networks.


mmWave technology is developing rapidly – but because much of the work on mmWave is still in its infancy, many research institutions and companies lack access to the mmWave SDRs and test and measurement equipment necessary to transition this technology from concept and simulation in the lab to a real-world environment.


“National Instruments has been incredibly generous in support of our research,” said Aditya Dhananjay, a postdoctoral fellow at NYU WIRELESS. “Their donation — including very powerful software-defined radio (SDR) components — enables us to tackle a whole new class of challenging research problems relevant to 5G systems. Access to equipment of this caliber really helps NYU Tandon create top-flight engineers."


A strategic partnership for 5G


5G will have a transformational impact on society by enhancing broadband access, connecting billions of devices and creating new applications and services in industries such as smart cities and infrastructures, medicine and transportation. NYU WIRELESS’ work is at the heart of making that impact happen.


“The NYU WIRELESS students and faculty were pioneers of early mmWave research,” James Kimery, NI Director of RF Research and SDR Marketing, said. “We’re thrilled to help them advance their research to solve the challenging problems the industry faces migrating to mmWave for 5G and beyond.”


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