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We’re Bringing Semiconductor ATE Digital Capability to PXI


The PXIe-6570 Digital Pattern Instrument and NI Digital Pattern Editor

Our  Digital Pattern Instrument and editor free manufacturers of RFICs, power management ICs, MEMS devices, and mixed-signal ICs from the closed architectures of conventional semiconductor automated test equipment (ATE).


The requirements of the latest semiconductor devices often outpace the test coverage traditional ATE provides. By bringing the digital test paradigm established in the semiconductor industry to the open PXI platform used in our Semiconductor Test System(STS), and adding a powerful, user-friendly pattern editor and debugger, you can take advantage of cutting-edge PXI instrumentation to help reduce test costs and increase throughput for RF and analog-centric ICs.

The technology

Our PXIe-6570 digital pattern instrument delivers the test capability required for the ICs commonly found in the wireless device supply chain and Internet of Things (IoT) devices at an economical price per pin. It features 100 MHZ vector rate pattern execution with independent source and capture engines and voltage/current parametric functions at up to 256 synchronized digital pins in a single subsystem. You can take advantage of the openness of PXI and the STS to add as many or as few devices as you need to meet the device pin and site counts required in the test configuration.


Our Digital Pattern Editor software integrates editing environments for device pin maps, specifications, and patterns to develop test plans faster; built-in tools like multisite and multi-instrument pattern bursting to expand from development into production seamlessly; tools like history memory and an interactive pin view to debug and optimize tests more efficiently; and a Shmoo tool for light characterization and device margining out-of-the-box.


More about each new product, and our expanded semiconductor test capabilities >>>