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Re: Vote NI for SXSW!

Jamie Smith, Director of Business and Technology - Data Acquisition and Control, submitted a session for the SXSW 2018 Intelligent Future track, and we need your help to make it a reality.


Revving Up: Testing for Safe Autonomous Vehicles

In this session, Jamie will address the biggest hurdles of creating and getting the truly safe autonomous vehicle on the road, and the important role testing plays in ensuring the roll-out of safe self-driving cars.



Update: Support our R&D UX Team
Our R&D UX Design Team also submitted five proposals to SXSW 2018. You can vote for them here: 

The public’s vote makes up 30% of the final vote for submissions, so don't delay! 


Vote now >>

NI R&D's UX Design team would also love your support to present at South By Southwest Festival 2018.
The UX Team submitted 5 speaking proposals to SXSW 2018: - How UX keeps us “Day 1” // Darin Gillis - Musical Minds in Design // James Hyland & Andrew Chao - SX Sticker Swap // Jeremy Payne & Ty Hudgins - The Most Epic Board Game Meetup // Dr. Chris Chambers - Using UX to Talk About a Divided America // Jenn Noinaj
Please sign in and vote these talks up as well!
-Darin Gillis
R&D Product Owner, NXG Web Module

Thanks for letting us know, Darin! We updated the blog to include these links. Good luck!

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