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Turnkey HIL Simulators, Increasing HIL Test System

We've released the turnkey HIL Simulators built on open, flexible platforms, so engineers can innovate faster and reduce cost with a future-proof solution.

These new simulators help automotive and aerospace embedded software testers maintain quality while handling the demands of shortened schedules, constantly changing test requirements, and reduced manpower.  


Additional benefits for test engineers

With our new HIL Simulators, test engineers can:

  • Customize systems to include technologies like camera data, RF measurement and generation for radar targets, passive entry/passive start, tire pressure monitoring systems, and FPGAs for running advanced models - all of which ensure maximum software test coverage
  • Quickly begin testing to find more defects faster with a turnkey HIL Simulator delivered with VeriStand test software for real-time simulation, stimulus generation, and data acquisition
  • Reuse existing models and hardware by easily integrating third-party software models and third-party systems using the ASAM XIL industry standard

HIL Simulators and our PXI and CompactRIO platforms

HIL Simulators are the latest systems built on our PXI and CompactRIO open platforms. They’re powered by VeriStand real-time test configuration and logging software andLabVIEW system design software, as well as our new SLSC hardware for standardizing signal routing, switches, loads, and signal conditioning. Our HIL systems use both a real-time operating system and FPGA technology to deliver the ultimate in customizability while still taking advantage of commercial-off-the-shelf components to reduce long-term maintenance risk.


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