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Trends to Watch for at Automate 2017



We’re headed to Automate 2017 with our open, customizable embedded control and measurement solutions that allow you to focus on innovation and competitive differentiation.


Here’s part of what we expect to hear about and see this year:


Big Analog Data


Data acquisition systems are producing more analog data than ever before. This opportunity to uncover new insights comes at the risk of spending more time searching for and analyzing multiple data sets. At Automate 2017, we will be talking about proper metadata documentation, custom triggering, and the right analysis technique to only save the data needed to make informed decisions.


Join us at our morning session, “Is Your Data Acquisition System Ready for Big Analog Data” on to explore lessons learned from the Jaguar Land Rover R&D Powertrain test team.


Looking Beyond Vision


As new vision systems enter the market, designers develop new algorithms and create more intelligent systems using visual data. As we add vision to a manufacturing machine, we can see how the power of embedded vision systems simplifies complexity, improves integration, reduces risk, and decreases time to market.


Learn more on Tuesday, April 4 at "Leverage the Performance of Your Embedded Vision System for More Than Just Vision," a part of The Emergence of Embedded Vision.


Real-Time Linux


Real-Time Linux is having a huge impact on the growing category of applications that require versatility, feature breadth of an open source OS, and the deterministic reliability of a real-time scheduler. In the world of smart manufacturing machines and power electronics control, designers are reaching for SoCs with integrated FPGA running Real-Time Linux to meet low-latency control and maximum up-time requirements.


Stay for our second session at the Emergence of Embedded Vision section: “Making Real-Time Linux a Reality”, where we will go through the intricacies of the PREEMPT_RT patchset and CPU-FPGA data marshaling that enable complex embedded devices. 


Machine Vision and Motion Control Integration


Vision plays a key role in quality control, traceability, and alignment for many IIoT applications. If you combine machine vision and motion control subsystems within the same controller, you’ll be able to improve your performance and simplify system complexities.


Our session, "Beyond Inspection – Bringing Vision into The Control Loop,”  will show you different types of integration between vision and motion systems, as well as the architectures necessary to implement them. 


It’s time to enforce your embedded approach! Find us at Automate 2017 in booth #2456, and make us an extension to your design team.


Can’t make it to the conference? Learn more at our on-demand Smart Machines Webinar Sessions available here.