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Top 10 Student Projects Worldwide 2018

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Most engineers regard their final-year design project as the highlight of their formal education. These ambitious projects require students to call upon years of study, to develop an advanced, functioning system within a matter of months. It is the realisation of a student’s ambitions - a Eureka moment - which will see them commit to a fulfilling career in engineering.


Because we understand the importance of these undergraduate design projects, NI hosts the annual Student Design Showcase; a competitive, international competition, which invites aspiring engineers to show us how they've used NI technology to empower their design projects.




When you combine the NI platform with the raw, unshackled creativity of a young engineer, incredible things can happen. Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly announce the Top 10 Student Projects Worldwide 2018. In no particular order:



  • NorthROV: Pioneering Research of the Underside of Icebergs
  • University: Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, NI RoboRIO

This rugged underwater robot can navigate the harsh arctic ocean, scanning the underside of icebergs.  NorthROV has already embarked on a mission to Greenland, building accurate 3D models of icebergs, whilst investigating melt plume to give us a better understanding of climate change.

Hear Directly From the Students



  • UT Hyperloop: Disrupting our Current Transportation Ecosystem
  • University: The University of Texas in Austin
  • Technology Used: myRIO, CompactRIO, LabVIEW

Guadaloop is a diverse student group, hoping to change the way we transport goods and people. They used cRIO to developed a hyperloop pod that levitates with air bearing technology. Guadaloop’s energy efficient and cost-effective system, enabled them to win the SpaceX Innovation Award 2017.

Hear Directly From the Students



  • Fuelling Cardiff Racing’s Historic Victory at Formula Student
  • University: Cardiff University, Wales, UK
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, myRIO, CompactRIO, Single-Board RIO

Since partnering with NI, Cardiff has rocketed through the rankings of Formula Student (FS), Europe’s most competitive educational engineering competition. In 2017, they beat 100 Universities from around the world, becoming the first British University to be crowned champions of FS Silverstone.
Hear Directly From the Students 

Mapping Drone.JPG


  • Autonomous Hexa-Drone that Constructs 3D Models of its Environment
  • University: Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, myRIO

This autonomous, six-rotor Hexa-Drone, uses an array of sensors & go-pro cameras to map out any room, factory or workshop. The data is then used to construct full, 3D models of the indoor space, enabling someone to walk around it in Virtual Reality.
Hear Directly From the Students



  • Perfect Pint: The Robotic Bar Tender that Pours a Better Beer
  • University: University of Leeds, UK
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, CompactRIO

This mechatronic bar tender is powered by a dizzying array of technologies, allowing it to serve the perfect pint, with consistent head, without ever spilling a drop of sweet, sweet beer! The robot visited the award-winning Saltaire Brewery, where it beat the chief-brewer in a ‘pour-off’.
Hear Directly From the Students



  • Project ARC: Conquering the Swiss Alps with an Autonomous Electric Racecar
  • University: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich
  • Technology Used: CompactRIO, LabVIEW

Using stereo-camera localization, Team ARC built an autonomous car to navigate the beautiful, but treacherous, Klausen Pass in the Swiss Alps. Controlled by cRIO, the car self-navigates and stops for obstacles. They want to increase the public enthusiasm for autonomous driving and show its feasibility.

Hear Directly From the Students

Search and Find.JPG


  • Aquatic Robot, which Searches Bodies of Water for Missing Loved Ones
  • University: Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, myRIO

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent drowning – it kills 372,000 people each year. However, we can reduce the agonizing, stressful search for the body. Emergency services can deploy this aquatic robot in harbours, lakes and canals, where it will autonomously scan the bed for organic matter.
Hear Directly From the Students



  • Nova Bike: the Data Driven Design of an Electric Superbike
  • University: TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Technology Used: LabVIEW, myRIO

The Nova Electric Racing team built an efficient in-vehicle datalogger, to validate their powertrain & battery management systems. Following a series of smarter, data-driven design iterations, the team managed to secure the coveted European Electric cup title at the Moto E championship.
Hear Directly From the Students



  • Sloper: The Intelligent, Auto-Navigational Wheelchair
  • University: National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, Yatsushiro Campus
  • Technology Used: myRIO, LabVIEW

Sloper is an indoor, self-driving electric wheelchair, which moves people from one place in to another with ease. Built with the elderly and disabled in mind, Sloper downloads building layouts and intelligently calculates shortest routes, whilst manoeuvring around obstacles, tight corners, and steep slopes.
Hear Directly From the Students



  • Roadrunners: Driving us Towards a More Sustainable Future
  • University: Technical University of Denmark
  • Technology Used: CompactRIO, LabVIEW

The DTU Roadrunners team builds highly-optimized and efficient cars to race in the Shell EcoMarathon, using cRIO as the Engine Control Unit. Armed with the NI platform, they have been incredibly successful, setting the efficiency world record in 2015 (665 km/L) and taking 2nd place in 2017.
Hear Directly From the Students

I am sure you will join me in congratulating all of these incredible students. Not just for being listed in the Top 10 Projects World Wide - but for giving humanity such forward-thinking innovation before they have even graduated! These students are destined for greatness.





The Top 3 Projects will be celebrated during the prestigious Engineering Impact Awards ceremony, hosted during NIWeek 2018, Austin, May 21-24. Follow NI on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for further updates.


Further congratulations to the Global Top 3 Finalists:




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