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Top 10 Student Projects Worldwide 2017

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If you want to see forward-thinking innovation, you only need to ask a student! This is why NI hosts the annual Student Design Showcase, inviting undergraduate engineers to show us how they've used NI technology to empower their projects.


When you combine the NI platform with the raw, unshackled creativity of a young engineer, incredible things can happen. Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly announce the Top 10 Student Projects Worldwide 2017

Prepare to be inspired.




Institution: Zhejiang University

Country: China

Chitu is a robotic quadruped, designed for complex environmental exploration tasks, such as disaster relief. This adaptive robot, controlled by NI CompactRIO, is entirely electrically powered – allowing Chitu to navigate steps, slopes and rubble with minimal noise and environmental impact.

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Dementia Assist (with Boarder).jpg


Institution: University of Reading

Country: UK

Introducing Dementia Assist. This LabVIEW-based application helps dementia patients regain independence and confidence, by allowing them to recognise family members and friends. The application also leverages Google’s reverse image search capabilities to identify any household object.

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Institution: National Taiwan University

Country: Taiwan

Move aside Optimus Prime - TurboQuad is a real transformable robot! This versatile rover, controlled by NI CompactRIO, can seamlessly transition between wheels (fast movement on flat ground) and legs (navigating rough terrain).

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Rota Una (with Boarder).jpg


University: Plymouth University

Country: UK

Meet Rota Una - the myRIO-powered, electric Unicycle designed for the stringent demands of inner-city commuters. myRIO’s onboard FPGA performs 1,000's of calculations per second to keep the rider balanced and safe.

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extremity gait training system.JPG


Institution: Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan

An myRIO-based extremity rehabilitation exoskeleton, developed to improve the walking gait of sufferers of Hemiplegia. The revolutionary design replaces heavily, inefficient motors with gas pressure actuators to boost safety, flexibility and patient comfort.

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Pegasus (with boarder).jpg


Institution University: University of Southampton

Country: UK

Check out this ambitious, prototype Mars Rover. The students in ‘Team Pegasus’ used the NI RIO platform to not only control the rover’s propulsion and navigation systems, but also the integrated Robotic arm for performing equipment servicing and soil collection/analysis.

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Campus Tour Guide (with Boarder).jpg


Institution: Cork Institute of Technology

Country: Ireland

Now here’s a novel idea! Students from Cork Institute of Technology used NI myRIO to develop an autonomous robotic tour guide. The system integrates glyph recognition, obstacle avoidance and GPS waypoint navigation to provide informative campus tours to new students!

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Electrace (with boarder).JPG


Institution: TU Delft

Country: Netherlands

Meet Electrace – the ultra low-cost landmine detector. The prototype device uses NI myDAQ to measure the electrical signals emitted by E. coli bacteria when exposed to the explosive compounds.

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Leg Support.jpg


Institution: Sogang University

Country: Republic of Korea

This inspiring team of students used the NI RIO platform to create two wearable robotic systems to help people to walk again. The first system, ANGELEGS, provides assistance to people with walking impairments. The second system, WALKON, brings mobility to people with complete paraplegia.

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Automonous Navigation Robot.JPG


Institution: Southeast University

Country: China

This multipurpose, autonomous robot uses SLAM technologies (for accurate environment perception), machine vision (for target detection), and multisenor fusion (for somatosensory remote operation). This incredible array of technologies is processed/controlled by an on-board NI roboRIO.

The overall winner of the Global Student Design Showcase 2017 will be announced at the Engineering Impact Awards ceremony, during NIWeek 2017.





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