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The Show Must Go On!

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“The show must go on!” This oft used, yet difficult to source quote embodies the spirit of the theatre. In this unprecedented time, let’s look to that spirit for guidance. I have many incredible and brilliant colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but none embody the spirit of continuing forward like my friend, Jason Marks.


Jason works in our Business Development Team for Automotive, and focused specifically on the testing of autonomous vehicles and autonomous compute platforms. Jason is writing a series of entries on testing new sensor modalities with our tools for autonomous applications. This will be a small number (<10) of technical papers spanning the breadth of applications within autonomous test, including testing black-box machine-learning systems, LiDAR, high fidelity software simulation, functional test of the autonomous brain, and a variety of XIL applications putting sensors, sensor models, and compute platforms “in the loop.”


If you’re like me, and you can’t tear yourself away from a compelling entry in the techy chronicles, then you’re in for a treat.


Jason doesn’t like to boast, but his background is exceptional. He developed a data analytics tool for Robot Operating System, developed NI’s first semiconductor test station for LiDAR applications, and has built out FMCW LiDAR prototyping platforms for NI. If you’re in the Bay area, you can find him at the Sunnyvale Central Fusion Meetup.


Jason’s first article covers the new FMCW LiDAR sensor, and specifically prototyping and testing them. Enjoy! (and the Medium version if you're into that)